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What is the best before date?

The Best before date tells you that the food is no longer in its perfect shape from that date. It may just lose its freshness, colour, aroma or nutrients. It does not mean that the food is no longer safe to eat. Best before date is basically a quality indicator. Some of these foods can be consumed YEARS after the Best Before date.

Take for instance – Himalayan Salt.  It has been on a rock for millions of years – What makes you think that the moment it is put in a container, it suddenly has a date?

These dates are “economic dates” – it keeps the flow of production in factories.  If the manufacturing quantities in factories are so different, they would never be able to calculate the cost, workforce and space, needed to produce a product.   So these dates help them to keep the flow of production consistent.

What is the difference between the "Best before" date and the "Use by" date?

In Short:

The Best Before date is a quality indicator.
The Use By date is a safety indicator.

You will mostly find Best Before dates on non-perishable items (meaning they won’t perish).  Use by dates will be found on perishable items such as chicken, polony, etc.

Some perishable items like yogurt or ice-cream, can still be consumed long after the Use By date.  So you will have to use your senses (smell, taste, feel, see) to analyze.

Are dented cans safe?

First things first – Canned food can be safe to consume even 6 years after the date.  Some even up to 30 years… ask the veteran from World War II who saved his beans for 30 years and ate them – they will still be as good as day 1 – no one asked if it was a windy day pfffft.

Now – it is safe to sell dented cans!  Even stipulated in the Environmental Health and Safety Act. There are however checks that need to be done – but don’t worry – we do that for you! Bloated cans, cans with holes or cans that are too dented on the seams, are not sellable. But like we said – we do the checks on your behalf!

How often do you get new stock?

My friend – we get offered stock EVERY DAY!
But first, we make sure that the stock is in good condition, transported to our warehouse, counted, checked, put on the system and then it hits the shelves in George and Mossel Bay.

So it takes a while from ordering until you can see it, but we basically have new products on the shelves weekly. When you see the products on Facebook or on the WhatsApp groups – it has just been unpacked and you better hurry, before it is sold out.

The product I want is sold out, will you get more?

The GOOD NEWS!!!  Every product we’ve had, we might have again!  We cannot tell you when. We get lists from suppliers of what is available and we pick the best products for our customers at the best prices.

Is there something specific that you want?  You can now request it and we will try our best to find it for you!

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I have products that I want to supply to Foodz. What do I do?

Oh great!! We love new products!

You have to understand that we buy products that are past dated, dented, misprints, factory overflow etc.  Therefore we buy them at a discounted rate to offer them to our clients for a lot less that other retailers. But it is a win-win for you, us and the clients!

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